Mission and Vision of the Company


Our mission is to create a long-term profitable online game based on Blockchain Technology that brings real life experience, with an amazing gameplay while earning anytime, anywhere in the world.


To be the undisputed, well renowned Agricultural NFT Play2Earn Company in the world and to be one of the best provider of great entertainment while earning and a competitive NFT game among the top P2E that is existing for long term.


Five years ago on Earth - a mysterious illness struck a small unnamed city, causing death for those who contracted the said illness. Fear of the unknown has substantially affected the livelihood of the inhabitants, who later decided to flee the city.
After days and nights of tirelessly searching for shelter, a discovery had sparked hope for the people as they have uncovered a vast untouched land in Aventis Land surrounded by giant mountains and blessed with a thriving ecosystem.
Upon realizing no signs of the mysterious illness, new settlers started to flock to the area and built soon-to-be thriving neighborhoods. The people began to live the dream life again, with plant cultivation and livestock farming as the primary livelihood source in the blessed land.
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